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aquarists of world
Date d'inscription : 11/01/2010
Nombre de messages : 157

Introduction Aquariums Empty Introduction Aquariums

2012-01-05, 3:54 pm
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Well, I have about 9 tank and a fish pond, I'm afraid I can't post it all in the same time.. Maybe just one by one...

The first one I have is a 26,5x36x25 cm (The smallest I have).. And the fish are:
Introduction Aquariums GupGupTtosTank5-1
This one is front view

Introduction Aquariums GupGupTtosTankTV5-1
This one is top view..

About 15 Platy / [Xiphophorus maculatus]
Introduction Aquariums Adrian2xJrJrJrJrJr

About 6 Bumblebee Gobies / [Brachygobius xathomelas]
Introduction Aquariums ChygioVuzon1

3 Lepidocephalichthys thermalis (it's called "uceng" in Indonesian language as this fish usually becomes bait in fishing)
Introduction Aquariums Leuleupi

1 Sumatra Barb [Puntius tetrazona] (this one is the left behind juvenile from the big one I have in my pond)
Introduction Aquariums IMG_0024
It's hard to take a pic from fast fish..


Well if you realize it or not, I'm not too taking care of my aquarium now (meaning doesn't clean the glass until spotlight or from webspider), but I do keep the water change and my fish healthy.. The filter I'm using is 900L/H top filter (using a box to filter)
aquarists of world
Date d'inscription : 11/01/2010
Nombre de messages : 157

Introduction Aquariums Empty Polypterus Tank

2012-01-05, 6:32 pm
This is my Polypterus Tank. It has 14 fish in there in total..

Here it is, the size of the tank is 150x58x60 cm3.
Introduction Aquariums PolypterusTank5-1
This is the front view..

Introduction Aquariums PolypterusTankRV5-1
The right side (the left side is againts the wall)

Introduction Aquariums PolypterusTankTV5-1
This is the top side..


The fish:

3 Polypterus senegalus senegalus (used to have four but died because of feeding frenzy and my mishandling Sad )
Introduction Aquariums Sento
About 25 cm
Introduction Aquariums Goby
About 20cm
Introduction Aquariums Dragregory
this one just 16 cm at his max..

2 Polypterus ornatipinnis
Introduction Aquariums OrphalusNate
They're on about 40cm.. It seems like they want to be shown together..

2 Polypterus endlichery endlichery
Introduction Aquariums Cheers
This one is on about 30cm.. She has a bite mark on the flank near it's tail.. It's because when she's about 5 cm, the senegal (first on the photo) bit her back.. Back then, this endlichery seemed lethargic and becomes small, unlike the senegal that eating everything back then..

Introduction Aquariums Andy
This one about 25cm++

2 Polypterus bichir lapradei
Introduction Aquariums LadpradosEinodosOrphalus
This one is on 40cm.. Used to have it's tail bitten by other polypterus.. It grows back but there's a little bite mark on it's caudal peduncle..

Introduction Aquariums DeitusEnamosyte
This one on it's 40cm as well

2 Polypterus delhezi
Introduction Aquariums ZidaneFriderick
On it's 20cm++

Introduction Aquariums ZellDave
On it's 20cm++ as well

1 Polypterus palmas polli
Introduction Aquariums GuerreroLorenzo
This on it's 20cm, used to have 2 but one of them died because she's deformed from birth..

2 Polypterus teugelsi
Introduction Aquariums IMG_0039
This one on it's 21cm

Introduction Aquariums IMG_0044
This one on it's 19cm just bought the two of them 4 days ago.. Don't know what cause the blister around the mouth.. I think it's because the shopkeeper mishandled..


This tank use 2x 1800L/H top filter.. The plant use to be dense, but because the endlichery like to bury themslelf, the plant loose from it's substrate and in the end the root became rotten and died...
Used to have rope fish [Erpetoichthys calabaricus] but they died because they're such an escape artist. Even very small hole from canopy can be through..
aquarists of world
Date d'inscription : 11/01/2010
Nombre de messages : 157

Introduction Aquariums Empty Drifting River Log Tank

2012-01-06, 8:12 am
This tank (120x40x40cm3) has a lot of fish.. Mainly consist of corydoras and pleco.. But there's some other fish..

Front View
Introduction Aquariums DriftingRiverLogFV6-1

Top View
Introduction Aquariums DriftingRiverLogTV6-1


1 Puntius semifasciolus var Schubert
Introduction Aquariums PawPengHui
Used to be 2, but 1 died recently because of aging I think (with age of 1 year and 11 months with me)

3 Chery Barb [Puntius titteya]
Introduction Aquariums KotteJayawardenpuraMAlsetoPN001
Introduction Aquariums KotteJayawardenpuraF
Used to have 12 of them but died one by one along the time.. The remaining are 2 male and 1 female.. I can't get the male photo, so I post not so recent photo of it..

2 Puntius pentazona
Introduction Aquariums ArbusHexion
Introduction Aquariums VallarMelcor
They are very fast moving fish

1 Congo Tetra [Phenacogrammus interuptus]
Introduction Aquariums KotteJayawardenpuraMAlsetoPN001
Used to have 3, but they died a long time ago..

1 Buenos Aires Tetra [Hypesbrycon anisitsi]
Introduction Aquariums LevenCordilera
I have 5 in total, the other are in the pond.. But this one got pop eyed and can't make it recover. So he's stuck here for further keeping..

1 Swordtail Platy [Xiphophorus helleri]
Introduction Aquariums BelizeHelvaro
I get this one from when I bought feeder fish for my predator.. The poor fish used to get lernea on his operculum

3 Yoyo Loach [Botia locahata]
Introduction Aquariums HibblerLoduca
Introduction Aquariums FontanaPralez014
Introduction Aquariums GalvaunConif010
The second and third are not recent photos, it's hard to take a pic on them as they tend to keep hide behind rock..

1 Borneo Sucker [Gastromyzon borneensis]
Introduction Aquariums AmoyAsmet
Used to have about 4, this is not a recent photo, haven't found him today. Maybe he's hiding somewhere..

2 Whiptail Lizard Pleco [Rineloricaria sp]
Introduction Aquariums PabloJules
Introduction Aquariums RicardoJules

1 Rineloricaria hasemanii
Introduction Aquariums ColgandaBraganca
Used to have 2 but 1 died a long time ago.. Don't know what caused it..

2 Rineloricaria eigenmanii
Introduction Aquariums HowardEigen
Introduction Aquariums NormanEigen

1 Adonis Pleco [Achanticus adonis (L155)]
Introduction Aquariums DonnieDarko

2 Corydoras panda
Introduction Aquariums PhilitosAzulGuanezio
Introduction Aquariums ZorroMarronGuanezio

2 Corydoras sterbai
Introduction Aquariums OricaGuapore
Introduction Aquariums RacioEncazer
The first photo shows that his right eye is missing, it happens a long time ago, maybe some yoyo loach pecking it..

2 Bronze Corydoras [Corydoras aeneus]
Introduction Aquariums AeldenAeon
Introduction Aquariums EndimionAeon

2 "not so" Bronze Corydoras (albino) [Corydoras aeneus]
Introduction Aquariums VentrosaPrimoVientreVio
The nearer one quite tend to the left. I don't why it happens about 5 months ago..

1 Bandit Corydoras [Corydoras metae]
Introduction Aquariums FiodePrisa005
It's hard to get this cory, this one is not a very recent photo.. Used to have 2, but died a long time ago..

1 Peppered Corydoras [Corydoras paleatus]
Introduction Aquariums SoltyShacky
Used to have 2, but 1 died..

2 Corydoras reticulatus
Introduction Aquariums MeizerStikulatov
Introduction Aquariums CadenaPara

1 Corydoras punctatus
Introduction Aquariums LeonitaCortinaSanchezArculettaFiodePrisa
Used to have 3, 2 of them died..

2 Corydoras arcuatus
Introduction Aquariums SanchezArculetta
Introduction Aquariums ArchressRuzidor

2 Corydoras elegans
Introduction Aquariums PierreDiezona
Introduction Aquariums LarleonaDiezona
Very hard to catch these fish, it's very active..

2 Corydoras rabauti
Introduction Aquariums ChristinaBautista
Introduction Aquariums ChristianBautista
The first one gond bended on it's ventral.. I don't know what caused this.

1 Corydoras brevirostris
Introduction Aquariums MonteAnoto
Used to have 2. Died not long after I adopt her..

1 Brochi splendens
Introduction Aquariums ClaroMadeira
Used to have 2. Died not long after I adopt him..

2 Dwarf Rainbow [Melanotaenia praecox]
Introduction Aquariums MamberamoBirasch2


The filter using 2x1200L/h top filter + 800L/h for just flows..
aquarists of world
Date d'inscription : 11/01/2010
Nombre de messages : 157

Introduction Aquariums Empty Herbichelonia Tank

2012-01-06, 8:38 am
This is my other tank. It's 150 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm, and it consists of 2 red-eared slider turtles, 1 Mozambique tilapia, and 1 Varanus salvatore (just for temporary)

Front view:

Introduction Aquariums HerbicheloniaTankFV6-1

Top view:

Introduction Aquariums HerbicheloniaTankTV6-1

Introduction Aquariums Heman
Introduction Aquariums Turti

2 Trachemys scripta elegans (Red-Eared Sliders) (14 cm SCL)

Introduction Aquariums Miki
1 Oreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique Tilapia). This one is being treated for a fungal infection on his left eye and tail area. I got this one from feeder fish because usually this kind of fish is meant for consumption. I have 2 of this fish, and the other one is in my other tank.

Introduction Aquariums SalvosSalvator7
1. Varanus salvatore (Water Monitor). This one is just staying here for temporary until I've made him a better tank. He ran away into this tank because I think he feels warmer here. Adopted from Carrefour because I felt pity for him. His snout is having an irritation because when he was still on display in Carrefour, he kept hitting the aquarium glass trying to escape.. The local name for this lizard is biawak, and is usually meant for human consumption (BBQ meat/satay).
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