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Les forêts et les rivières de Bornéo en grand danger Empty Les forêts et les rivières de Bornéo en grand danger

2014-12-10, 12:36 pm

A friend of Kalimantan has shared this video, I had not realized that the palm oil fields contaminated the rivers, I know that deforestation caused a heavy sedimentation and surface runoff endangers aquatic life.

But having a chemical pollution is the worst thing that can happen to a biotope.

Sujet en construction

Loss of Dayak culture and entry culture bully
Loss as result of the inclusion of Dayak culture Palm Oil

Company, with eviction indigenous Land Dayak by massive and illegal.

Place indigenous Dayak ritual kampumg tumbles Marak aleready in the area company Palm Oil.

Areal company Palm Oil
PT. Goddess works son

It used to be a ritual in it, then it established a new ritual, detained for a protected forest area . Starting from his ancestor ritual where there continue until the current generation and set the ground there rituals but now suda protection forests reduced by the compagny

Threatened indigenous Dayak culture
Of the company told us remove community identity cards, last photograph to create a garden coffee father.

Now create a garden companies not to our society, he promised son later working the company but now are not acceptable at the time ot appointment villagers fall bloom will also work as mothers fathers garden not the compagny gardens.
This is the life story of paddy fields and society the right to live in looted by oil palm plantations and his boss.

Company says its waste for fertilizer, but in reality out into river in the village communities fall bloom and wiyalah farming community so that the water not feasible in us in drinking, dead fish in the river if the bath body itching.

The extinction of fish in the river water conditions in the river so black due to palm oil mill waste flowing into the river.

Activities indigenous Dayak suction gold in the river katingan result of company policy palm, rubber prices down of fifteen thousand dollars to five thousand dollars.

The last option conditions indigenous Dayak in the village tumbles Marak, song kleme central Kalimantan November 2014.
Hello everyone, now I'm involved in a project to advance the care on the gobies. I continue to believe that sharing between the aquarist of world is possible.

A little support would be welcome.
friendship tyrano34
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