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Rhinogobius zhoui Empty Rhinogobius zhoui

2015-04-03, 12:56 pm
Rhinogobius zhoui

Classe : Actinopterygii

order: Perciformes

family:  Gobiidae

genus: Rhinogobius

species: zhoui

Etymology: Rhinogobius: Greek, rhinos = nose + Latin, gobius = gudgeon

Descriptor of the species:

Synonyms and common names:

Region (countries)  :

description of its life area  :

links about its natural habitat :

maximum size:

Male :

female :

medium size:

Male :

female :

Size at sexual maturity :

Male :

female :

Growth rate
Here all the information on its growth:

Life expectancy :

water parameters in a natural environment :

aquarium temperature :

pH :

hardness (gh - kh) :

conductivity :

Council for the  acclimatization of aquarium settings to those of the natural environment :

Description of the species - morphology:

dimorphism :

Recommended Foodstuffs in aquarium :

Foodstuffs in its natural environment :

Recommended nutrition to promote reproduction:

Food for larvae and fry:

Behavior of Rhinogobius zhoui with other fish species:

Behavior of Rhinogobius zhoui with invertebrates of aquarium :

Behavior with other adults Rhinogobius zhoui:

Behavior of Rhinogobius zhoui with the juvenile of his species:

Male behavior with his female :

]Behavior before reproduction (courtship):

- Male :
- Female :

What are the natural elements that can trigger mating:

Location chosen for mating and spawning :

How is the reproduction (mating):

How long does oviposition:

Colors and size of eggs :

Council for the Preservation of eggs :

How many days for the egg hatch :

How many days for freestyle swimming :

Council for the Preservation of the larvae (fry) :

sharing links on the breeding in aquarium. :

Council for the aquarist :

Minimum size of the aquarium:

Population density in an aquarium :

List of fish and invertebrates that can live with without any predation :

Another species that approximates of Rhinogobius zhoui:

Various other information :

Information: The sheets of the fish may be supplemented by your experience,
Hello everyone, now I'm involved in a project to advance the care on the gobies. I continue to believe that sharing between the aquarist of world is possible.

A little support would be welcome.
friendship tyrano34
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