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aquarists of world
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Template for Tank Setup Empty Template for Tank Setup

2012-04-19, 7:30 pm
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This is the template to make us easier to understand your tank... To copy this form, please select the Quote button on the right top of the post and copy it in the message box your about to post..

A word from the webmaster:
After reflection and for the sake of your fish, I ask you to make your presentations frequently day after aquarium of your subject.

If you change setup, I ask you to make a new topic, the former will not be closed but we ask you to summarize by saying that you change the habitat and put the link to the new topic.

If I ask this is that for the next member who would be interested in your experience you can Pauses questions if needed.

Thank you for your sharing and long life to the aquarium


- Photo or video of the tank in full: ||| - Photo ou vidéo du bac en entier :

Date of the tank established: ||| Date mise en eau :



Dimensions and volume of the tank (litres): ||| Dimensions & volume de l'aquarium (litres) :

Desired type of biotopes: ||| Type de biotopes voulue :

Link biotope: ||| Liens du biotope

Total debit of your filter in the aquarium: ||| Puissance totale de filtration dans l'aquarium :

Power / Output (l / h) filters and the model and the order of filter media (from top to bottom) : |
Puissance/Débit (l/h) des filtres et modèle :


1. filter = Filter Media and Power (foam, cotton, bio ceramics ...) for the filter (model)

2. filter =

How do you clean your filter media and how often for each filter? ||| Comment vous nettoyez vos masses filtrantes et tous les combien pour chaque filtres ?

Example: Cleaning the filter (model) all? (Weekly, monthly ...) Clean it up (how) ...

Type, power, lighting duration: ||| Type, puissance, durée éclairage :

Other accessories: ||| Autres accesoires :
heater, air pump ...


WATER: ||| L'EAU :

Frequency & quantity of water changes:

Water Preparation: ||| Préparation de l'eau :
(conditioner, salt, ...) - dose used

Temperature: ||| Température :

CO2 diffusion: ||| Diffusion CO2 : diffusion method and rate or extent

Nitrate no3:
Nitrite no2:

Other: ||| Autres :



Current population: ||| Population actuelle :

Picture of the current population: ||| Photo de la population actuelle :
a photo of each species;
Use a spoiler tag if possible [spoiler]Remove the space in the tag [][ /spoiler]

Population died: ||| Population décédée:

Type & dosage Food: ||| Type & dosage Nourriture:



Type of sand: ||| Type de sable :
type and size..

Existing plants: ||| Plantes actuelles :

Photo of your plants: ||| Photo de vos plantes :
a photo of each species;
Use a spoiler tag if possible [spoiler]Remove the space in the tag [][ /spoiler]

Plants lost: ||| Plantes perdues :

Soil nutrient: ||| Sol nutritif :
yes or no - substrate used and / or brand

Fertilizer: ||| Fertilisation :
products used

Sets: ||| Décors :
rock type and / or wood used
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