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The aquaristic in danger Empty The aquaristic in danger

2013-03-31, 10:08 am
For the french aquarists / pour les aquariophiles français :

Dams, fishes and aquarists of world

The world is changing my friends and if we do nothing this is our passion that'll die.
I do not criticize, I give my opinion and I explain why;)

as you can see in this video all over the world emerges from the dam projects.
The problem is that a dam will destroy habitat during construction, during its commissioning and after its destruction.
I spoke with researchers and it does not exclude that a dam can kill the microfauna of a river.
If microfauna decreases the whole food chain that are going to be disturbed.

The worst case scenario is a dam upstream of a mangrove.
The larvae of freshwater fish will not have enough food to grow and ditto for marine fish fry.

In addition to all this you can add the invasion of invasive species, urban pollution, massive deforestation, the empoisonement of rivers, the diverting of rivers to irrigate farms agriculture (palm oil) and also do not forget global warming.

Here now 5 years that I share in many forums in the world and I see all these evils ...

This is very sad

But of what use to criticize, if we do not seek why ...

  Why some habitats are in danger?
It is by asking this question that you understand that it is the lack of communication which made ​​us forget that this is a biotope.

I'm may be crazy of believe that the aquarists of the world can all work together to advance our passion into a new aquaristic responsible and sustainable.

That's why I want to continue to believe that our children will one day share this passion together, and I hope they can rescue a maximum of species.

That's why I created a group called "The aquarists Without Borders"
If you want to help me launch the movement in the world, come and share with us.

I apologize for not being able to be with you, but you should know that the aquaristic in Europe suffers from a sore called lobbyists.

Order to combat this lobbying, an idea and very simple of show that the responsible aquarist is not a destructive but a savior. So we must communicate on the status of biotopes and showing the world that our biotopes is suffering .

I apologize for the weakness of my English and I hope you understand my message.

Thank you for reading
friendship of France
Hello everyone, now I'm involved in a project to advance the care on the gobies. I continue to believe that sharing between the aquarist of world is possible.

A little support would be welcome.
friendship tyrano34
aquarists of world
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The aquaristic in danger Empty Re: The aquaristic in danger

2013-04-16, 2:50 pm
tyrano34 a écrit:

  Why some habitats are in danger?
It is by asking this question that you understand that it is the lack of communication which made ​​us forget that this is a biotope.

The basic of all things are because Homo sapiens are in the leading position in the food chain, and mentioning that people want to be equals, in this context of my writing, they want to develop that kind of technology to be equal like any other "place" with "lack" of great variety in the biota but exceed im term of technology and recources..

One does not simply communicate with each other by only biology kind of talk, because the project itself are not purposed in meddling with wild life.. You cant just answer someone who need electricity recources and answer them with microfauna unless you can make those microfauna to produce electricity..

before someone communicate, that person must understand the whole point of the problem, not forcing your opinion without reasoning to solve the other party's problem..

La base de toutes les choses sont parce que Homo sapiens sont dans la position de leader dans la chaîne alimentaire, et mentionnant que les gens veulent être égaux, dans ce contexte, de mon écriture, ils veulent développer ce genre de technologie pour être égal comme les autres »lieu "par" manque "d'une grande variété dans le biote mais dépasser im terme de technologie et de recources ..

Il n'est pas simplement communiquer les uns avec les autres que par type de biologie de parler, parce que le projet lui-même ne sont pas proposé en se mêlant à la vie sauvage .. Vous ne pouvez pas simplement répondre à quelqu'un qui ont besoin recources d'électricité et d'y répondre avec la microfaune, sauf si vous pouvez faire ces microfaune pour produire de l'électricité ..

avant que quelqu'un communique, cette personne doit comprendre tout l'intérêt du problème, ne pas forcer votre opinion sans raisonnement pour résoudre le problème de l'autre partie ..
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