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Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo
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Protocol Information Cryptoheros panamensis Empty Protocol Information Cryptoheros panamensis

2012-01-04, 11:53 am
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Protocol Information Cryptoheros panamensis Cryptoheros_panamensis

For this information protocol to be effective on one species:

- I need to know if the species is wild or farmed.

The commerce of exotic fish in Panama is very little (or inexistent). Probably this fish has been raised in a farm

- I need to know if the habitat is endangered and by who or what.

Endangered by water contamination due agriculture and industrials wastes.

Endangered by other foreign species of fish more big and aggressive

- Know whether the species is endangered in its habitat

This specie and others are in danger or the population is small due the factors of contamination and introduction of foreign species.

- Know whether the sale of the species put at risk the repopulation of it in its natural environment.


- I need to know the parameters of the natural environment or the species was collected.

Don’t Know

- Know whether the wild fish are wild from the wild or farmed wild or raised in cages in nets.

- I need to know the parameters of the rearing environment or holding of the species.


- Observed if mortality is too high in aquarium.

Don’t Know

- I need to know the growth rate of the species.

Don’t Know

- Observed whether the species develops signs of dwarfism in aquariums.

Don’t know
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